Not Alone is a database of solo percussion recordings, as a means to bring to light the work of percussionists in the realm. By no means is this list complete, if you have recordings you have released or know of recordings that should be on this list, please email us here - not alone

This page is for Max Roach. Though not the first solo percussionist, it is hard to dispute that Max is the father-figure of the medium. With love and respect.

solo -

Pheeroan akLaff
House of Spirit Mirth (Passing Thru Records) 1983?

Joey Baron
Live at the Knitting Factory volume 2 (one track on a compilation)

Tim Barnes
All Acoustics (Quakebasket) 2002

Gregg Bendian
Definite Pitch (Aggregate Music AGCD001) 1994
Research (Tiny Useful Secrets) (Aggregate Music AGCD005) 2008

Han Bennink
Solo (ICP 011) 1971
Nerve Beats (UMS/ALP202CD) 1973
Tempo Comodo (Data 183) 1982
Solo (ICP 027) video 1990
CAICAI (Angelica 004) 1993 solo on one track
Solo (ICP 035) video 2000

Terry Bozzio

Jerome Bryerton
Artship Recordings (deck gear closet) disc 13 2002

Gary Burton
Alone At Last (Atlantic Jazz)

Michael Carvin
Explorations 4: Drum Concerto at Dawn (Mapleshade) 1996

Kenny Clarke
(solo track Nows The Time)

Alex Cline
Not Alone (Ninewinds 0107) 1982

Jerome Cooper
The Unpredictability of Predictability (About Time AT-1002) 1978
In Concert: From There To Hear (Mutable Music 17506-2) 2001

Pierre Courbois
Myria Poda (Universe Productions HOT 109) 1973
Perpetuum Mobile (Vara Jazz 201) 1981
Independence (Timeless SJP 188) 1983

Chris Cutler
Solo (ReR CC1) 2002

Andrew Cyrille
What About
The Loop (Ictus Records 0009) 1978

Warren "Baby" Dodds
Talking & Drum Solos (Folkways Records) 1946

Brad Dutz
Krin (solo on several tracks) (Interworld CD 919) 1995
Making Ice (solo on one track) (Truemedia Jazzworks) 1997

Pierre Favre
Drum Conversation (Calig)
Abanaba (Futura)
Portrait (Unit Records UTR 5004) 1997

John French
O Solo Drumbo (Avan 024) 1998

Milford Graves
Grand Unification (Tzadik)
Stories (Tzadik)

Fritz Hauser
Solodrumming (Hat(now)ART 129) 1985
Pensieri bianchi (HatART 6067) 1990
on time and space (self-released) 1999
flip (celestial harmonies) 2007
STILLLIFES (Direktverkauf) 2008

Gerry Hemingway
Solo Works (Auricle Records AUR-3) 1982
Tubworks (Sound Aspects 022) 1988
Acoustic Solo Works (1983-94) Random Acoustics 016 1996
Electro-Acoustic Solo Works (1984-95) Random Acoustics 017 1996
Hallelujah Anyway (tribute to Tom Cora compilation, including solo performance of "Tom Wood") Tzadik 1999

Steve Hubback
Be Alright When I'm Dead (Dossier Records) 1986
The Quest (Spoof Records) 1994
Best Kept Secret (FMR Records) 2002
Trees Rocks and Ravens (Utech Records) 2005
Ambiance de la Cave a Vin (Utech Records) 2006

Nathan Hubbard
Born On Tuesday (Circumvention Music) 2002
Blind Orchid (Accretions Records) 2008

Susie Ibarra
flower after flower (solo on two tracks) (Tzadik) 2000

Ronald Shannon Jackson
Putting On Dog (Celluloid, Knit Classics)

Ryan Jewell

Sven-Ake Johansson
Schlingerland/dynamische Schwingungen ( ) 1972

Jo Jones
The Drums

Donald Knaack
Cage/Duchamp (First Recordings) (Atlantic/Finnadar Records) 1977
Dance Music (RRRecords) 1982
Junk Music (Moo Records) 1998
Junk Music2 (Moo Records) 2004

Glenn Kotche
introducing (Quakebasket/Locust) 2002
next (Quakebasket) 2002
Mobile (Nonesuch Records) 2006

Paul Lytton
The Inclined Stick (Potorch)
Phillip Wachsmann/Paul Lytton (ECM) (solo on several tracks)

David Moss
Terrain: Solo Percussion & Voice (CPE 007) 1980
My Favorite Things (Intakt CD 022) 1991
Moss Tales (Edel 0014502TLR) 1996
Sogna Suite (Atopos - may not have been released) 2003

Paul Motian
Conception Vessel (ECM) solo on one track

Don Moye
Sun Percussion Volume 1 (AECO Records 001) 1975

Douglas Ovens
Seven Improvisations For Solo Percussion (North/South Recordings) 2004

Tony Oxley
February Papers
Tomasz Stanko Quartet / Matka Joanna From the Angels (ECM 1544) (solo on one track) 1995
Paul Bley Chaos (Soul Note 121285-2) (solo on several tracks) 1998

Eddie Prevost
Material Consequences (Matchless Recording MRCD48) 2001
Entelechy (Matchless Recording MRCD67) 2006

Max Roach
Survivors (Soul Note)

Frank Rosaly

Gino Robair
Other Destinations (Rastascan Records)
Gino Robair Live on the Artship (3" CDr) (cargo hold number 9) disc 13 2002
Singular Pleasures (Rastascan Records)

Detlef Schonenberg
Nothing To Get Home About (SAJ)
Plays Drums (FMP) 1974

Warren Smith
Cats Are Stealing My Shit (Mapleshade)

Karen Stackpole
Artship Recordings (cargo hold number 9) disc 15 2002
Gonging My Life Away (Choppydisc Records 33)
Metalwork (Limited Sedition LS204)

Christopher Tree
Spontaneous Sound (Spontaneous Sound)
Dreamweapon: Aspen No. 9 Winter Spring (8" Flexidisc) (excerpts from At The Cathedral)
Spontaneous Sound (Cardas Records) 1998
At The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine (Quakebasket) 2002

Matt Weston

Tony Williams
Spring (Blue Note) (solo track Echo)

Edward Vesala
I Am Here (Blue Master Special 311) 1973

Stomu Ya'mashta
Red Buddha