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  "Boundless Music for Boundless Minds" curated by Nathan Hubbard


  Welcome to the Fall 2007 - Spring 2008 Season of New Sounds Downtown


  THURSDAY, April 3rd, 2007 - 8PM

Spring Reverb 2008

Curtis Glatter (organ, toy piano)
Nathan Hubbard (vibraphone, toy piano)

Scott Walton (bass)
Anthony Burr (clarinet)
Michael Dessen (trombone)

Jason Robinson (winds, electronics)
Jeff Kaiser (trumpet, electronics)

NSDT is pleased to present the first night of Spring Reverb 2008. Our artists for the night are the fabulous trio of Scott Walton, Anthony Burr and Michael Dessen, the electro-acoustic duo of Jason Robinson and Jeff Kaiser and a strange set from Glatter/Hubbard where they'll be performing on vibraphone, organ and toy pianos.




  THURSDAY, January 31st, 2007 - 8PM

Colter Frazier/Rob Wallace Duo

Colter Frazier - tenor saxophone
Rob Wallace - drumkit

all the way from Santa Barbara, NSDT is happy to present Frazier and Wallace in their SD debut. They also have a great new CD out on the Pfmentum label.

  Nathan Hubbard Trio

Jason Robinson - tenor saxophone
Harley Magsino - e bass, electronics
Nathan Hubbard - drumkit, tunes

Hubbards new trio makes its debut at NSDT, where Robinsons kaliedoscopic tenor playing winds its way down the rabbit hole of Magsinos e bass and live looping to meet Hubbards polyphonic drumming. A journey for the traveller.

  THURSDAY, December 6th, 2007 - 8PM

Thollem McDonas


Sarah Paik - cello
Scott Walton - acoustic bass
Nathan Hubbard - vibraphone

Folks will remember Thollem McDonas from his kick#$@s performance a few years back @ Voz Alta with drummer Rick Rivera. Currently Thollem is on a cross-country tour where he is meeting up with ad hoc collaborators for each performance, tonight he'll perform solo and then collaborate with several local all stars. Not to be missed.

  THURSDAY, October 11th, 2007 - 8PM

Curtis Glatter/Nathan Hubbard

percussion / electronics

NSDT founder Curtis Glatter is back in town for a few performances and we're happy to have him here for the kick off of our fifth year.

The duo of Glatter/Hubbard have been working for several years on new music for silent film, for this performance they'll be focussing on several recent pieces involving field recordings, sampled material and live percussion.



Curtis Glatter
Marcos Fernandes
Nathan Hubbard
Toni Pope

The Curtis Glatter led electronics quartet is back for the fall 07 series opener. Glatter labels this band as "real time music concrete with a serious drone addiction". In addition to Glatters lofi four track tape and hacked electronics, the quartet features Marcos Fernandes' processed field recordings, Nathan Hubbards homemade amplified instruments and sampler and Toni Pope on vocals, electronics and digeridoo.


New Sounds Downtown 2007-2008
Curtis Glatter - founder
Nathan Hubbard - artistic director, curator
all works copyright 2007-2008 the artists


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