Desi'n'Friends - 2734 Lytton Street - Point Loma - CA 92110 (619) 224 6409
all concerts are $5 at door and start promptly at 8pm
for more information call (760) 613 5190
  "Boundless Music for Boundless Minds" curated by Nathan Hubbard


  Welcome to the Fall 2006 - Spring 2007 Season of New Sounds Downtown


  THURSDAY, April 12th, 2007 - 8PM

Jim McAuley solo

Los Angeles based guitarist present solo music from his new solo CD, Gongfarme 18 (on Ninewinds). He has also promised to bring his megalyra - Not to be missed!

+ collaborations with Marcos Fernandes and Justin Grinnell






Adnan Marquez/Justin Grinnell/Nathan Hubbard

Three of San Diegos busiest musicians collaborate in a new trio bridging acoustic instruments with electronics.









  THURSDAY, February 1st, 2007 - 8PM

a special evening focusing on the music of
Michael Dessen

Adam Rudolph - percussion
Michael Dessen - trombone and electronics



An evening of electro-acoustic duo compositions and improvisations by veteran percussionist Adam Rudolph and trombonist Michael Dessen. The two have in common a shared connection to Yusef Lateef, a longtime collaborator of Rudolph's and a mentor to both musicians.

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  THURSDAY, December 7th, 2006 - 8PM

Nathan Hubbard solo

Hubbard returns to NSDT for a solo concert, his latest look into solo percussion/electronics/voice. With his electro-acoustic setup, Hubbard continues his indepth look into flow, pacing, changing grains of fidelity and feedback.





Nathan Hubbard/Mark Dresser duo

For the second set of this concert, Hubbard meets up with bassist extraordinare Mark Dresser for a set of improvised duets.


Nathan Hubbard - drumkit/percussion/electronics
Mark Dresser - bass


  THURSDAY, November 2nd, 2006 - 8PM


The strange free/metal improv amalgam know as Obscuricon returns for the NSDT opening concert. You might have heard their recent track on Trummerflora's Rubble 2 compilation CD, but you're definitely not ready for their new line-up.

Jason Robinson - woodwinds/electronics
Joe Bigham - electric guitar
DJ Tenshun - turntables/drum machine
Justin Grinnell - e & a bass/electronics
Nathan Hubbard - drumkit/electronics
Nate Atwood - drumkit/electronics


The Invisible 3

ah yes, and then things get quiet for the second set - the debut performance of The Invisible 3, a (mostly) acoustic trio performing original music somewhere between the open vistas of improvisation and the lilting pulses of brazilian music.

Nathan Hubbard - drumkit/percussion
Joe Bigham - electric guitar
Sarah Paik - cello


New Sounds Downtown
Curtis Glatter - founder
Nathan Hubbard - artistic director, curator
all works copyright 2006-2007 the artists


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