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  "Boundless Music for Boundless Minds" curated by Curtis Glatter


Welcome to the Fall 2005 - Spring 2006 Season of New Sounds Downtown


  SATURDAY, February 18th, 2006 - 11PM

CD release concert

Nathan Hubbard

Composer/Percussionist Nathan Hubbard will perform solo works from his upcoming CD blind orchid - recent and older investigations into modified drumkit, amplification, homemade instruments, feedback, room acoustics and text. This performance will be a release concert for Hubbards new double CD - (compositions 1998-2005)

presented at - San Diego State University Parking Structure IV, Level 3. Please note - this concert is illegal, free and open to all ages. You might want to bring a chair and something warm to wear, and walking around the structure during the performance is strongly recommended.


  SATURDAY, December 17th, 2005 - 8PM

Trio Magreb

Tracy McMullen - tenor and soprano saxophone
Marcos Fernandes - percussion, field recordings
plus special guest Scott Walton - bass






Something Strange Is Afoot

Nathan Hubbard - vibraphone, timpani
Justin Grinnell - acoustic bass
James Burton - drumkit, percussion


what can be learned from mans acension from simple primates? this question as well as Hubbards continuing questions of how to deal with a long-haired rhythm section will (hopefully) be answered this evening.....


  SATURDAY, October 15th, 2005 - 8PM

The Glatter/Hubbard Duo
new music for Dog Star Man (Brahkage)



the Glatter/Hubbard Duo perform new music for a live presentation of Stan Brahkage's classic film Dog Star Man. Using percussion, the duo continue their recent investigations into flow, constellation music and the interaction of improvisation. This may be the first time the G/H duo has performed using only two seated drumkits.......


Marcos Fernandes - percussion, electronics
Curtis Glatter - hybrid trapkit, electronics
Nathan Hubbard - drumkit, percussion

Troikastra: In Aug. 2005, Percussionist/Composer Curtis Glatter assembled a new electronics-based ensemble combining the sounds of hybrid musical influences of ambient electronics and phonography and mixing it with raw cross-cultural percussion..the members of Troikastra seek to explore new territory by blurring the lines of musical genres with an extensively wide range of influences by cross-fertilizing the genres of classical, avant garde, trip-hop and scratch-dub . The music of Troikastra includes a distinct mixture of phonographic/electro-acoustic serenity as well as dense aural sound-scapes utilizing electronic frame, found sounds, turntables, samples and a hybrid trap kit played by Glatter.


New Sounds Downtown 2005-2006
Curtis Glatter - founder, co-curator
Nathan Hubbard -co-curator
all works copyright 2005-2006 the artists


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